Modules of Learning Activities

Modules of Learning Activities

Welcome to Virtual Reality! Video Reflections using 360 videos that are created by and for teachers for the purpose of reflection about effective instructional practices.

New teacher mentor program

Description of New Mentor Program Support new teachers by pairing each one with a veteran teacher to train new teachers how to create 360 virtual reality videos as you deliver your lesson plan to your class and make it viewable on YouTube for the purpose of self-reflection, analysis and feedback.

At the end of this module, teachers will be able to:
  • Use a 360 video camera to create an immersive virtual experience of their classroom
  • Upload a 360 video file from a camera to YouTube
  • Cite evidence and or examples of effective instructional practices utilizing the districts Self-Reflection Document
Technical Training 1 hour
  • Review equipment specifications
  • Check WiFi settings to confirm network access
  • Google Expeditions to learn how to bring your lessons to life with Google Expeditions and immersive education app
  • Learn how to use a 360 camera and virtual reality headphones
  • How to upload video files to YouTube
  • Create a practice video
  • Use Google Cardboard to view your content
Ongoing Training
Will continue through new teachers first year and includes the four modules seen below.

Each module below must be completed to successfully execute the learning assignment.

Have fun!

Module 1


After watching a video tutorial, you will be able to effectively capture a 360 video

Learning Activites

1. Watch a video explaining 360 video

2. Discuss the advantages of using virtual reality video over regular video for situational analysis

3. Watch a video on how to create a 360 video

4.Capture a 360 video of the place you are located

Module 2


After watching a video tutorial, the teacher will be able to successfully upload a 360 video to YouTube and navigate it using Google Cardboard

Learning Activites

1. Watch a video tutorial on how to upload a 360 video to YouTube

2. Upload the video created in Module 1 to YouTube

3. Watch a video tutorial on how to navigate a 360 video using Google Cardboard

4. Navigate the 360 video uploaded to Youtube and describe the experience

Module 3


After navigating a sample 360 virtual reality video of a classroom environment, the teacher will be able to use a MindTool to analyze the video effective instructional practices

Learning Activites

1. Using your Google Cardboard, navigate a sample 360 virtual reality video of classroom interactions
2. Identify evidences found in the video of student behaviors or teacher/student interactions that may affect learning
3. Discover possible causes of the observed behaviors/interactions in the context of the video
4. Watch a tutorial video about to how use a MindTool (

5. Create a mind map ( to represent the relationship between observed behaviors/interactions and their possible causes

Example Concept Map

Module 4


Given the 360 Video Camera and Teacher Growth Guide, the teacher will be able to create a 360 of a lesson of their choosing which includes evidence of practice from the Teacher Growth Guide.

Learning Activites

1. Given the Teacher Growth Guides, describe both Marzano and Hattie strategies relating to engaging students in critical thinking.
2. Analyze a given sample lesson, through the use of a 360 video lesson, using Google Cardboard and the Teacher Growth Guide
3. Engage in a discussion board with peers in the New Teacher Cohort regading the analysis of the 360° video lesson.
4. Create a 360° video recording of a lesson of the teacher's choosing which highlights elements of the Teacher Growth Guide

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